Hey there

Does anyone have a MM? Hope to hear from you soon

Best wishes 

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Hey there M,

I have a crazy story where I was seeing Radiohead at Hammerstein and was was seated with a comp ticket from my dealer in Box 1 between Manson and Calvin Klein of all people! Manson was in full "Manson" appearance with contact lens eyes and had a young man on a leash and a lot of security.

wow!! did you get an autograph? i imagine there was no way to push trough to him..

No, I did not get his autograph - I try not to in those circumstances and I had no real idea who he was anyway. I was wondering why there was all this photography going on and then I realized someone famous was sitting next to me. There was nothing to push through - he was inches from my left seated just like me. I spoke with him etc. easily. He invited me backstage after and I did not take this opportunity as all this was freaking me out (things I won't go into here re leash) and with Klein there and press too, but I did give him some custom alien guitar picks I had for Yorke.

I have a Mechanical animal signed cover

signed by the whole band and with manson’s full name 

I would like one as well but it looks so easy to forge, especially the MM signature. 

I have a twice signed copy of his autobiography for sale. I have gotten him in person before and the sig on the book is a good match to mine, so I feel quite confident it is real.




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