I've seen this ip signed Michael Jackson and wondered what you guys think?


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This is what I would do, Phil. See if those other photos are similar, if so send all this evidence to Roger Epperson for his opinion. In the meantime you could ask Markus to reserve the photo for you until you have completed your research. I'm sure he will understand.

With an MJ autograph from this period solid proof is required. 

Too complicated for me. It would be a hard resale - heck, its a hard sale right now. My two cents.


Yes think I will... Good idea.. Thanks Michael.. and thanks as always for all your help today 

No worries. I still think a '80s autograph would be a better investment. Anyway, good luck.

I have one MJ collected IP from Christian Stiefler in my collection. It is also from 1998, collected on the way (in his car, he put some photos at a red traffic light to a Bodyguard) from Nymphenburg castle to the Hotel Bayerischer Hof. It is a bit smudged. Generally I would have trust in Markus Brandes too.

This is a photo from the same period..was it printed off as I would've expected an earlier photo autographed not one from the time?

It is a photo from 1998, on the back of the image is the year noted and the photo store it has been developed. I have researched and it is a store near the Olympiastadion where the photos have been taken. Although in 1998 it was possible to develope a photo quick within 1 hour. MJ stayed for more than two weeks and Christian Stiefler is a photgrapher from Munich. I have no doubts. I have two from Christian Stiefler from the same year, the other one I have asked Roger Epperson before buying and he said it is fine.

I am sorry, the photo is from 1997. So there is no problem: Jackson was in Munich at this event and his History concert at Munich 1997 and come again for more than 2 weeks 1998.

Here is a photo of the back, maybe this helps you. Also with a smuged signature because he gave a pile of those photos in the car, which he got back signed at Bayerischer Hof.

Thankyou for the info ..much appreciated

Would it pass a third party authentication? It certainly wouldn't and that is a problem. Markus has a great reputation. I'm not disputing that. 



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