For starters.......are you sick of having to use eBay as an 'earmark' for the value of your piece? Is it funny to find one Chuck Yeager at $48.00, and the other at $195.00? Yep, me too.

I collect Battle of Britain RAF Pilots, but they are certainly going up in price, as "The Few" are certainly getting "Fewer" as time goes on......

Been very lucky witrh my "Finucane" collection, as he is but one of a handful of Irish Pilots joing the Fray for England in 1938.

Would love to hear from any and all!



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Hi Glenn,

I also collect WW II autographs. I have members of Doolittle's Raiders, Tuskegee Airmen and Flying Tigers. I also have a German Ace and, my first WW II autograph, Abie Abraham, the "Ghost of Bataan". I guess the part I like about collecting these people is, when you receive that autograph, you're literally holding a piece of history in your hands. My kids are already laying claim to my collection when I'm gone.

Look forward to hearing from you.


i have some rations

Hi Glenn,

I just made a large post in the same forum, check it out if you want. I have several WWII Medal of Honor recipients I could trade, but I would mostly be interested in VC signatures from the Pacific Theater. I might have a few Aces as well. 

Lmk and I can get you an exact list.



Matt- Thanks!

Interested only in WWII RAF Aces and Staff from the Battle of Britain, staff such as Keith Park, Lord Dowding, Leigh Mallory, etc. Aces such as Stanford Tuck, Douglas Bader, Brendan "Paddy" Finucane, Ginger Lacey, Sailor Malan, Cobber Cain, Bluey Truscott, Tom Neil, Bob Doe and Multi-signed Lithographs and Prints etc!......By VC, if you mean Victoria Cross, I don't know of any in the Pacific Theatre! My direct email is paddyfinucane at att dot net. Thanks! Glenn

Sorry Glenn, 

I don't have much in the way of RAF Aces to offer. I will keep my eyes open and if I locate any I will be sure and let you know. By "VC" I did mean Victoria Cross, I don't know the proper abbreviation, so no offense was meant. There were a handful awarded to servicemen down in Burma and Singapore.

Best Regards,


Gday Glenn

I recently acquired some interesting documents from the Battle of Britain.

After the war, Colonel Aubrey Cecil Dixon of the Woolwich Arsenal, thought his wartime efforts deserved an OBE.

He wrote to various participants in the Battle of Britain  asking them to provide him with a testimonial as to the merits of his “de Wilde” incendiary bullet.

They did so and he won his OBE.

The signed letters were from;


Sir John William Maxwell "Max" Aitken, 2nd Baronet, DSO, DFC

601 Squadron

Group Captain Sir Douglas Robert Steuart Bader  CBE DSO DFC FRAeS DL

242 Squadron

Air Commodore Alan Christopher "Al" Deere, DSO, OBE, DFC & Bar

54 Sqdn

Air Chief Marshal Hugh Caswall Tremenheere Dowding, 1st Baron Dowding GCB, GCVO, CMG

Air Commodore Patrick Huskinson CBE, MC

Albert Edward Macrae Chief Superintendent Design Department Woolwich

Adolph Gysbert “Sailor” Malan, DSO & Bar, DFC & Bar

74 Sqdn

Edward Preston “Hawkeye” Wells

266, 41 & 485 NZ Squadrons


They are in excellent condition, along with a multitude of other notes, papers and research associated with Dixons designs, including his original drawings for the bullet and his US patent. There is also a number of items associated with the original designer of the bullet, a Belgian named deWilde.


Ben Walker

Hi all.  I am so brand new to this forum that I probably won't even be able to find my way back to this discussion to see if anybody replies, but I hope I will.  Do you all have plenty of Admiral Byrd letters, signed or would anybody be interested in mine?

Yes, Byrd! I sold one about 6 years ago, but would love to see yours!

Thanks, Glenn

Hi Glenn.  I'm having a horrible time navigating around this site on a bad internet connection!  I have several Byrd letters, typed and signed, and as you can see in this one, he has added handwritten text.  The letter is inside plastic as I scanned it, and I've placed red paper behind it because otherwise, the letter appears more white than it actually is.  It blends with the scanner background.

Chris, very nice! How were the pieces obtained? Are you selling any of them, and of course, how much? Thanks, Glenn

Glenn, My father passed away three months ago. He had some neat things in his collection. Many of his letters he obtained by simply writing to the celebrity or political figure personally, so the letters are addressed to him. (I have a real neat letter John Wayne sent to my dad) As for the Admiral Byrd, it seems my dad bought a whole lot of letters at some point, probably in the 70s. I have sold a few things with Heritage Auctions and have some really cool Texas history stuff that goes up for bid in March (a piece of Davy Crockett's will signed by his son, a document signed by Santa Anna and three other guys who went on to be president there).
If you'd like me to scan any of the other Byrd letters, or make an offer on this one, just let me know. I didn't get an appraisal on these from Heritage so I'd have to research a little.
Thanks for your interest.

Hey Glenn,

I too am interested in WW II aviators and ephemera. I am all over the area of anything WW II . I don't have RAF pilot autographs but I thought I'd share my small piece of history of some things I do have.I do have a Sir Geoffrey DeHavilland autograph on a WW II postcard with a picture of a German V-2 rocket. As you know DeHavilland was the inventor of the "Plane that saved Britain" AKA the Mosquito, he also was the father of the Moth also WW II era. In most of the RAF planes were "Smith 8 day clocks" which I am enclosing a photo of. I forgot I have a "Pappy Boyington" see if I can find it. Cheers.




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