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New to this world, quick opinions whether this particular LOTR movie poster which happens to be signed by the full cast is authentic or not?


Added a picture too.



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The Ian McKellen is very atypical. Here is mine: from 1995/96:

Yeah right? Can't seem to find an autograph on Google where his full name (first + second name) is not signed separately but being combined.

But there are so many other differences. 

Always so skeptical when you get in the 2k and up range when it's not verified through PSA, BAS, or JSA. I am not saying those services are the be all end all, but with high dollar amounts it should at least be sent to a service that can at least verify. To get all these actors to sign this is really rare and I guess it could happen, but where are the pics or anything else. I see a lot of fake stuff throug sources that have a 100 percent positive feedback even in the 1000's

This appears to be the product of one hand. Pristine condition also for something that should be wrinkled.

This is not authentic IMO. Several signatures are wrong and off and as Eric says, looks like one hand and a poster signed over years is rolled and unrolled dozens of times with nicks, tears and marks and is not in pristine condition. 

Thank you very much everyone! The seller stated that he bought the movie poster around 17 years ago and had it stored away ever since. That might be why it is in pristine condition.

No, it would still show the handling marks which would have occured (before this closet ploy) when carried around to get the sigs and while getting the sigs. Do not make excuses for a seller!

Sounds reasonable. Thanks alot guys!

Condition issues not withstanding, the signatures on this poster, most notably the Christopher Lee, are absolute junk. Zero chance  of passing authentication.


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