Lot of Michael Jackson signatures... real or fake? (Forger Erick Oswaldo McKay, Erick Mckay Burgos) marc-at2014, always-4-fun, bluelifesaver, disneycolector eBay names

Hope I'm asking this in the right section...
I've recently bumped into this person's little collection of MJ sigs...


My concern is that all those sigs look too similar... I'm thinking they're signed by the same person, but I'm stumped as to if they're really Michael.

Thank you for any opinions/help in advance.

MODERATOR NOTE:  All of Erick McKay Burgos' art folders on Deviant Art have been removed by him after being outted here.  They were screen captured before his removal and are listed below.   Please use them to reference as you read through this thread.

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Selling forgeries on Ebay is so easy and that's why Ebay does nothing about it.

It's easy money for Ebay.

Great stuff, as always, Chris! Thank you.

  From ebay France seller elmaestro7, location given as Eysines. 45 Euros start.

Michael Jackson autograph signed drawing


Good condition     Will ship safely 

Confirmed new Erick McKay account (Chris you were onto it, thanks for adding that to our discussion a few threads back)



Here is an item in his for sale stuff under the disneycolector account:


And here is one from his bluelifesaver account


You'll see the same wood grain on the closet doors (note the knot over the shoulder).

Here's another bluelifesaver  (all on the same red hangers as well)


He also has two Michael Jordan items very close in hologram #'s for sale, which are obviously his forgeries and likely fake coa's

Disney statues on both accounts as well - same boxes, same backgrounds.

He is majorly pumping out sports shi#.  I knew he did Michael Jordan but the amount of others he is forging and filtering into the market is absolutely unbelievable. 

He is also forging a LOT of Walt Disney. 

Looking at the stuff in the backgrounds in his photos he has just a major amount of everything coming in that he's slapping fake signatures onto and pushing out there. 

Another Jersey (Michael Jordan) from DISNEYCOLECTOR  (Erick McKay)

https://www.ebay.com/itm/Michael-Jordan-Autographed-Red-Chicago-Bul... listed for 250.00

And another from DISNEYCOLECTOR (Aaron Judge)

https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aaron-Judge-Autographed-All-Star-Jersey-CO...  SOLD for 99.00 plus 9.00 shipping (states has Global Authentic COA)

Another from DISNEYCOLECTOR (Mike Trout jersey)

https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mike-Trout-Beautifully-Painted-Jersey-W-Au...  sold for 725.00

And now back to the bluelifesaver account (bluelifesavers IP was identified as Erick months ago so we are 100% sure this is Erick McKay's account)

BLUELIFESAVER Jersey - Stephen Curry

https://www.ebay.com/itm/Stephen-Curry-Golden-state-warriors-autogr... (sold for 275.00 or best offer)

Note the knot on the closet door over the right shoulder side on all pics - also red wood hangers and background ceiling the same

I will not speak to the authenticity on sports graphs, I'll let others do that, but I do know that he def forges Michael Jordan.  I'll let Chris speak to the sports graphs.

These images are only being shown to show that Bluelifesaver (who is Erick McKay) is indeed disneycolector.

These  higher priced Erick McKay forgeries sold under his disneycolector account. 

Walt Disney items/autographed 


He printed and lightly colored over a Mickey Mouse (he has done this same type of crap with MJ) and then signed Walt's sig to it. Sold $1450.00 best offer

Walt Disney Card sold for 975.00 best offer


A Walt Disney admission ticket - with a "Joe DiMaggio" coa  sold 1450.00/best offer


Comic Book sold for 1650.00 (best offer)


Another Comic Book - sold for 1450.00


 An unlikely combination of sigs: Barack Obama and MJ on 'the Rosa Parks Story'.  Bluelifesaver (location Chicago), listed on ebay usa and ebay uk. $569 BIN. 

Michael Jackson Barack Obama 2X autographs on Rosa Parks story. 2 pages.


Selling this amazing piece. Barack Obama and Michael Jackson signatures on 2 pages related to the civil rights in Montgomery, AL. With Rosa Parks themes.
Not a copy not a print.

 and a long piece of beige card with Fake MJ sig. at $195  BIN. 

Michael Jackson autograph


Selling a nice Michael Jackson autograph..
Measures around 1.5X2 inches
real, not a copy nor a print.
Autograph is in great shape, not fading.
fading seen has to do with too much lighting when picture was taken.
If not satisfied you will get a refund, no questions asked.

Ebay is a haven for dirtbags.

Too true. They should change their name from eBay to oiVey.

Maybe oiBay...oiBey.

Erick McKay forged Kurt Cobain by the seller thegeniuz_23


Similar items were listed on our forum here:


x'd out eyes on Beatles and Cobain drawings/images (listed on his bluelifesaver account)

(found by one of our Nirvana experts on the forum)


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