Hi Y'all. Ive got a Lou Gehrig Baseball that Id like to submit to psa, but I have a nagging feeling about it and that is that it looks like it was signed with a ballpoint pen and I know that the ballpoint pen wasnt produced until 1945 (gehrig died in 1941). So i was wondering if I could get opinions from you good folks on whether you think this gehrig autograph could have been penned with a Fountain Pen?


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Actually, my question had nothing to do with the authenticity of the autograph, since I know its a real
autograph and a real vintage baseball due to 3 facts.

#1 I have an loa from JSA

#2 As you can see in the image in the URL BELOW, psa has authed a similar signature to my ball AND they have rendered a Likely genuine on their quick opinion of my gehrig ball.


#3 As seen in the URL BELOW, this is a William Harridge stamped baseball


MY ONLY QUESTION posed in my opinion request was whether it is possible that this Gehrig signature was penned with a Fountain pen.

Mike, to me #'s 1 through 3 are as meaningless as a quick opinion. At this juncture, from what has been shown clearly, what instrument was used to create your copy is irrelevant.

Let's start over.

First of all, Mike, post photos and not attachments.  

Secondly, are you claiming that the below baseball is yours and certed by a TPA?

Christopher, first off, I greatly respect your opinion and expertise, and I think you are an enormous asset to all of us that use AML.  

I just wanted to chime in and say that unfortunately some of us, well at least I for example, can’t post photos straight up because I for one only have an iPad Pro, but not a traditional computer.  So the only way for me, and maybe some others, to post pics is by way of attachments...unless there is some way to so with an iPad that I’m not aware of.  

And btw, I believe the OP is a replica baseball.

Thanks, it worked!

Thank you very much, James.

Also, I was not aware of that issue with the IPad Pro.

Maybe Mr. Cyrkin can chime in on that.

Well, Christopher, I guess you can teach an old dog (me) new tricks!  Thanks to D R’s guidance, I’ve uploaded actual pics and not attachments in my latest discussion!  I should have known it was me, and not my device that was the problem!  Lol.

I can’t for the life of me tell the difference between a real DiMaggio and a fake one, but if I can contribute anything to this awesome forum, I jump at the chance!!

Thanks, D R, very much appreciated!

Yes, the baseball is mine and has been certed by JSA


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