Hi Y'all. Ive got a Lou Gehrig Baseball that Id like to submit to psa, but I have a nagging feeling about it and that is that it looks like it was signed with a ballpoint pen and I know that the ballpoint pen wasnt produced until 1945 (gehrig died in 1941). So i was wondering if I could get opinions from you good folks on whether you think this gehrig autograph could have been penned with a Fountain Pen?


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If you have a LOA from JSA, show it.

JSA LOAs indicates pen type. If you have a JSA letter, refer to that rather than play games here.

Secondly, the PSA certed Gehrig you think is similar to yours, is half the size of your example. 

Good point Steve.  I’d like to see the JSA LOA. 

+1 pen type. Yes indeed, show the letter that was apparently not extant at the thread's start.

Mike, you repeatedly say that you are not asking about authenticity, but clearly you are.  Wondering if this type of ink could have existed when Gehrig was alive clearly shows you are doubting the authenticity and wanting others to verify if this ink could be authentic.  Please post the full LOA.

That and Mike chose the "Is This Autograph Real?" Forum to post in...


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