Hi all.

Wanted to get your opinions on this Lou Reed-signed LP, supposedly in the early 90s. Thanks!

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Lou is easy to fake, as he was a very lazy signer. This looks a little sharp, IMO. I’d have to trust the seller quite a bit to move on this. 

Lou is very difficult to authenticate.  Good provenance is essential these days.

As Kai says, he was a lazy signer and is easy to fake.  There was also a good deal of variety in his genuine signature.

I got him IP in 1992, and mine wasn’t a close match to the Transformer LP you’re considering.  The “R” in Reed is atypical, as is the “D” at the end.  And the “L” in Lou is a little too sharp and angled for my liking.  That said, I have seen a genuine example from 2000 where the “R” in Reed is similar to the one here.

Having lost my 1992 IP in a flood, I’m in the market for a genuine Lou autograph myself, but I’m looking privately to trusted, longtime collectors, to help fill that gap.  This Transformer isn’t something I would consider for myself.

Thanks Kai and Steve. Your opinions are appreciated. I will pass on this one as well.

i did lou a ton of times and dont love it



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