Luke Combs - Growin’ Up CD signed is up on his website now BUT you must be a member of his Bootleggers fan club to get one

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I like this. Be professional about it. 

It was the copper ones though. The silver and gold were fine. And since he didn't mention those maybe the record company did it without their knowledge.

Can people post examples of each silver, gold, and copper so that when I talk to them again I can have examples of all three variants. 

I posted pics of my 2 (one gold, one silver) and they're legit. I think y'all getting a lil crazy over these to be honest.

Well you are obviously new to this. A lot of people have been burned several times over the last couple of years. So if a bunch of people had wasted money on fakes we want to know. You got good ones so nothing to worry about. Those of us who got the copper ones have a lot of signs of them being fakes and if Brandon can get us a for sure answer one way or another how is that crazy?

While the copper ones do have slight differences, why are there clear as day start and stop marks on all of the copper ones and not any other color. 

Here is his last email.

Thank you for the feedback. Well, don’t forget this, he is left handed, and when signing left handed, those will happen in the way he has to sign so it doesn’t smudge…but you wouldn't know that. So I think that answers the auto pen “stop marks.”

But, secondly, I hope our word and our actions as a fan based artist, who keeps ticket prices low, doesn’t charge for meet and greets, and offers his fans pricing for 2022 tickets at 2020 rates, wouldn’t resort to an autopen to sign 1500 cds…. 

Lastly, I know it is easy to compare one artist to another, but until those artists do what we do to make the fan experience as good as it is and as focused as it is, we can't then be compared to them. Luke has set a standard to always put the fan first, and autopens aren’t something his integrity, to you all, would allow.


Hey Jim, Kappy here, Luke’s manager.

I wanted to address the issue people are concocting of the “auto Pen.”

Fist, Luke would never do that. We have always put the fans first, and having a “machine” sign a cd for his fans is against any and all that we do. Plus, I sat and watched him sign all 1,500 cds. Also, if we were using an auto pen, we would sign way more than 1500...

Second, the “expert” that is posting this out with the “stop points” is not taking into account Luke is left handed, and when you sign left handed… with a sharpie, you have to be very mindful of smudging and your sharpie “stops” like that, because he has to to make the next mark.

Third, I am happy to refund your money, please send the Cd and signed booklet back to us, and we will 10000% refund your money. I am sorry people think Luke would do this, but I also understand this is read online.

Have a great day!


Nice to get the email back.  I wanted to share. 

Thanks for sharing this Jim. The fact that Luke's team have taken the matter serious enough to provide this response, I believe, puts this one to bed. They are all genuine and no auto pen in sight.

I’m just going to believe Luke’s team for now and believe they are hand-signed. 

It’s nice they look real, but it’s messed up this is the reason why so many people missed out on it. “One per person”… 


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