Luke Combs - Growin’ Up CD signed is up on his website now BUT you must be a member of his Bootleggers fan club to get one

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They do. Looks like everyone but me got real ones. Lol.

Seems like I got an autopen too. 

Are we saying this one and all of the other ones with dots are autopenned? 

It looks to be but like I said I am not an expert. But it is the same version I got so it doesn't benefit me if it is. As of now it isn't one I will be putting in my collection unless if someone can prove otherwise, which would be welcomed.

So heres the standard response I got when asking about the gold signatures which look like they are autopen

Hi Brandon,
I forwarded your email to Luke's Management company and they reassured me that the CDs are hand signed by Luke.

And what did you expect them to say?

Yeah I know, its the standard response on all these autopen deals

The gold ones look like auto pen but they're all different. How about someone submits to jsa and see what they say. Idk what's worse this or the ozzy thread. 

My two cents: The bronze ones absolutely appear as if they could be autopen, but I don't think they are.

I have 10+ bronze and while they all have dots--they are all different.  I do not believe they are actually autopen, but they look bad and I see why people who only have 1-2 would think they are signed by a machine.  Whatever copper pen he used left dots--while the gold & silver pens don't have distinct dots--the gold does leave some darker/extra ink at the end of each stop. 

I believe this has something to do with how he signs, maybe he is a slow signer and leaves his pen at the end of each stop for a fraction of a second and it leaves a dot/extra ink?

So you're saying they're all different and NOT autopen? This thread is going to lose its mind. 

Here are photos of 8 I have sitting here in my office-I don’t see any two the exact same.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Heres the follow up to my email questioning the gold signed cds.

Hello Brandon. My name is Kappy and I manage Luke Combs. I got an email saying you felt that Luke used an autograph pen to sign the cd’s. First, thank you for reaching out. Second, Luke would never do that and I would never allow him to do that. We have built our entire reputation on being honest and forthright with our fans. Luke signed each one of those in front of me.  The gold and silver sharpies we used were because of this very reason. We didn’t sign in black because it would be hard to see and also, we wanted to make sure the fans saw this as Luke taking the extra effort for them. We also released a video on his socials showing this, to combat such claims. I’m sorry you feel this way and would love for you to help me see how you thought these were from an automated machine. Would you be open if I called you at   to discuss further?
Thank you,


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