Directed from his album pre-order page, bundle also available, £27 delivered

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Thank you -  Good Spot! 

I played it safe and ordered with an LP - half a chance of it arriving not damaged -  as i don't like the sound of £2.00 Postage on a 12" x 12" Print 

You can get the signed lithograph off of his website shop as well.  Comes free with any order of at least $50.  Shows up in cart at checkout.

You are Lucky in the States - they are Charging £25.00 for the same Signed Print in the UK - you can spend £500.00  and still not get one free!!

Now you know why it's called rip off Britain!!!  

Yes same here, he should put more older records

It's spelled LINDSEY - get the man's name right -- he's a legend!

Got mine today! It was well packed

I ordered a couple of CDs that came in same package .

I didn’t order any vinyl 

Blue vinyl, new CD, and signed litho (separate package) all arrived on Wed, my birthday, and saw him live at Atlanta concert that night.

Got mine just today 10/6/21. Sig doesn't look the same as the two posted here.  Looks fuller.

I only ordered the litho.

What do you all think?

VERY nice Lindsey auto

I have never seen his autograph look so clean before. Yours looks the same as mine, but I was kinda skeptical about these lithos. I am no expert tho and would love to hear others opinions.

Hope someone more familiar with his sig weighs in. Hope Lindsey is just inconsistent or they aren't using an autopen on some.


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