Måneskin -Teatro d'ira Vol. I - Signed Amazon Version Special Edition

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If shipping to the US wasn't so expensive... great find though

agreed, I stumbled across this band a while back and like them but way too high to ship to the U.S. 

Great find, thanks!

Thank you very very much!!!

My wife and I love them, will also see them live in March !

no problem, I was looking for something signed by them back when I came across them and couldn't find anything. glad they finally made it available.

I'm wondering  if it will be one autograph of Maeskin or individual autographs.

Someone in one of the Facebook groups I’m in posted a photo of the autograph they received. It’s just the word Maneskin with a heart drawn beside it.

I went ahead and cancelled my Amazon.it order since the cost to ship to the states seems too risky to receive something similar.

Mine is already on the way, should get here on Monday/Tuesday.

I was actually expecting the one autograph thing, as they are super busy atm.
Already have a poster with their individual autographs, so this will be a nice and last addition to my collection from them, but if I do find a signed LP in their concert I won't be able to resist.

I'm just a bit disappointed that it's still on sale, which means they are selling many of these.

Mine arrived today, do we know which member usually signs for the whole band?


This is a good question.I would like to know it too.

Got mine just now and It is sealed, is the signed card inside the cd?

Yes the card is inside 


Going to give it as a present!



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