This looks like it’s US only & according to the email I got it’s limited to 2000

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Agreed, especially now with the tax laws changing (now you have to report online sales of over $600), it makes it a lot more complicated than simply selling a few autographs and padding your wallet a bit. Now you have to file taxes, pay the government 20% or whatever it might be... (on top of ebay fees and shipping), and keep track of everything, keep receipts of your purchase costs... just seems like a lot of trouble to make $30-40 after paying all the fees, taxes, packaging the stuff, dealing with preorders, etc... maybe for a backup but I wouldn't want to rely on that for my only income for sure. I'm curious how many people don't realize the laws changed and will be surprised next year when they find out they owe a big tax bill on what they thought was a bit of extra money selling autographs. 

Half the fun of autographs for me is the interaction on this forum. Finding the occasional item to post, seeing what other people find, seeing pics of what they get, finding out what's real or fake. Makes it more interesting for me. I've definitely gotten a lot of things I didn't think I'd get thanks to the forum (spent a lot more than I probably would have as well though haha).

CD slick card signed by Machine Gun Kelly available on JB HI-FI

Those are both really cool looking

The last one he signed they did a different cover for the signed ones than the normal ones... but if I remember right they said something like they had changed the cover art but he had already mistakenly signed like 13,000 of the album art they had planned to use before changing it, so they just sent those out to people who got signed ones... So I wonder if they just did something similar, and did different art for the signed ones. But yeah, either way I'd be happy with them. Both are cool looking and nice bold signatures. 

Oh yeah I seen that, that was hilarious. Maybe he can just use that for his next album title so they don't have to get cover ups. Lol... but I guess it's not quite as bad when you're fully covered in tattoos. Not as noticeable. 

True... I know I have at least a few crappy tattoos that I wouldn't get again but don't regret them, I chalk them up as memories so no big deal. 

Back in stock on the US site


And it's free shipping!!!

My bundle shipped!

Strange. I know it says 1 per person, but I tried ordering 3 seperate orders, and I only got charged for 1 cd... but got 3 email confirmations. Is that the system basically reversing my payment cause I ordered more than 1?

Could be but it never even charges as if it happened automatically. Hm



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