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Yup, no mention on how big the art card is really. Probably the typical mini cd card. I don't need a fancy box and stupid shirt. 

Agreed. I thought about getting it and just selling the extras, but that's a lot of hassle just to get the signed item. Especially not knowing what it's going to be exactly... but figured I'd post it anyway in case someone was interested... he's pretty hot right now.

I'm holding out atm, sometimes artist shops try to push the fancy stuff first and then release the signed CDs through different channels.

Every MGK autograph I’ve ordered has come extremely late 

Especially Hotel Diablo

He did signed CD booklets with Downfall, would grab a copy of his new album as well if a signed version is released without a box set or so.

I got the signed cd booklet for downfall. I hope he does a non box set version for this also. I'd pick one up also but didn't go for the boxset. 


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