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Very cool, thanks! They have it in the UK shop as well, with cheaper shipping inside Europe and without the 2 item limit :)

I would be reluctant. His last pre-order signed item (for Hotel Diablo) took almost 9 months to arrive! I constantly had to email and see what was going on, which was all pre-COVID too. Honestly by the time it arrived I was so angry, but they did give a 12x12 photo instead of the signed CD booklet. Still I would make sure you aren’t buying this as a gift for someone

Dang that is a long time. I ordered one, hopefully it dont take that long... Although I did wait around a year and a half to get the Lana Del Rey preorder, but actually got a real one. So I wasn't too upset after I got it. 

Year and a half? What the hell :D

It surprised me too haha. I thought I'd end up with one of the fake ones after waiting that long so I wasn't happy, but then it showed up and it was real. Some of these preorders take so long I forget I even ordered them till they show up. 



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