Have to jump on this quick - only 100 total signed

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How do you know if you're one of the first 100?

Signed jacket would be added to the cart. These were gone in a couple minutes. I think I barely made the cut myself, and I was as "on the trigger" as it gets.

Cool thanks for clarifying that cuz I was literally about to check out but I was a little hesitant. 

Actually wouldn't have been the worst thing - looks like the vinyl itself (limited to 1000) is now sold out.

I suspect Madison might end up selling more signed stuff. If you check out her Twitter, fans have been begging for weeks now.

Grey signed vinyl just shipped. Side note: If you missed the signed version but still got the vinyl, it's already a collector's item as I expected - seems to be going for $75-100 on Ebay.

Does it show on your confirmation? I saw it as an added promotion in my cart, but it’s not in my confirmation.

Yes, it should. Some other people reported having it in their cart then disappearing when the order was placed.

Thanks, seems like mine disappeared too. I even checked the product page again right after the confirmation and could still apply the promo. I’ll send them an e-mail.

I've had that happen before so I always take a screenshot of anything I order in case they try to tell me I didn't order the signed version

Just saw where someone asked Madison on Twitter when the signed Cds/ vinyls were coming and she replied Noon PST tomorrow, it was at 4:47 this morning so I'm assuming she means Wednesday but I'm keeping an eye out 

Actually that tweet was yesterday evening, so that would be today.

the one I'm looking at says 4:47 am 3/2/2021 but who knows if it's even real being on Twitter, just gonna keep watching, not gonna lie this is another one I've never heard of but all the hype on Twitter has got me pumped up to get in on it lol



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