what do you think? Are these real or fake Madonna autographs?


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copy that and cheers matey

Thank you :-)

Thank you :-)

this one is on sale for over £2k

what do you think?

its real....I think it sold in Juliens last year originally

Wow ok! But at over £2k a little pricey for me. 

Any places you can recommend to purchase genuine Madonna autographs?

Hi.....yes £2k uk is a bit high....but in time people will pay that...the signature is vintage..its undedicated,and its the Sex book.....not many of these around that are real....its would a good investment piece for anyone who has spare funds laying around....esp with the interest rates banks r giving.....

Hi all,

I’m a beginner but very excited about this. Madonna signatures seem inconsistent to my eyes, I can’t tell. I’m a huge fan of Madonna especially during her rise in the 80s. I have a stage photo in my checkout claiming to be an authentic signature with no verification. Reading back in the comment section it appears Kamran is the best at identifying real or fakes of Madonna autographs.

If it’s legit I would be thrilled about owning this but if it’s fake I’m going to cancel my order.

Thanks in advance,



Thanks a lot man. Wow very quick with the response. Will cancel the order. Didn’t process the payment yet so I got lucky. Really appreciate it man. Dodged a bullet. Wish it was real because I love the photo.

no worries........DO NOT Buy anything until you have checked 1st...for every 1 real madonna...there are over a 100 fakes....if anything i have under estimated that ratio..But dont give up!!!!   Drop me a note whenever!!!



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