I purchased an autographed Madonna Vanity Fair magazine cover from the Erotica era. It comes with the JSA LOA but  I was just wonder what your opinions on it are and if you could possibly send examples of your Madonna’s so I can compare them! I have been comparing her signatures all day and would say it’s 110% authentic but I love second opinions!

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There is a user on this site named Kamran who is well versed in Madonna signatures and would be glad to help you out. I have two 1985 Madonna autographs you can compare with, they were obtained in-person, click on my profile and you can find them. I'm not an expert, but yours certainly looks similar to mine. We also have a small, but growing, Madonna group on this site.

Alternatively, you may want to get a quick opinion from Roger Epperson through his web site, he's an expert on musician autographs.

Based of your example I would say 110%! Thank you so much! I would still

love to have all the opinions I could possibly have! Do you have any idea what Roger costs?

$15 for Quick Opinion, I’ve used him a few times.


I mean no disrespect to Roger at all, but when it comes to Madonna, I would trust no one more than Kamran.  Madonna’s his thing.

Thats a great pic of Madonna too!

I think it’s a great pic too! That’s why I snagged it! People told me don’t touch any Madonna unless it’s the first album through the immaculate collection but I mean I love anything through bedtime stories! I love the stuff after too Ray of light through rebel heart but my absolute favorite is the virgin era! Hopefully I’ll be able to add a signed like a virgin record to my collection one day! What is your opinion on the signature even if you’re not an expert I feel it’s authentic though!

I lean toward it being authentic, but I’m not 100% sold, just because the “donna” part has some tendencies like that style that PSA authenticated but Kamran said wasn’t real.  That’s why I’d love to get Kamran’s opinion.

As for people saying only get this Madonna or that one, I say fooey on them!  Most Madonna fans, I believe, would cherish just about anything signed by her.  Especially since real ones are not easy to come by.  Just imagine where prices would go if, God forbid, something terrible happened to her.  

I found this on the website somewhere the Donna I feel my Donna  is very similar to this. I can’t remember where I found this on here so whosever this is if you don’t want it up I will take it down!

Great find, btw! She looks absolutely beautiful on this Vanity Fair cover!

Def. a purty pic :)

I have a poster titled “Spain” which I would kill to have her sign. Gorgeous!

Do you know what the Spain poster is from? I’ve never heard of that. So glad from what im

hearing from everybody! I think this is the one! In terms of authenticity!

I dont. Shes playing solitaire leaning over a card table, seated, wearing a white satin gown with the sides split high up her thighs. Its one of the sexiest photos Ive ever seen. Period!

Not sure why the wife doesnt like it. HA!!

I love Madonna, and I love Spain!  I studied abroad in Seville, Spain for one year in college.  I’d love to see the poster.




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