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The buyer can still send it back if they are not happy with it....even if it was real.....buyers change their minds all the time on many things you are long as it was paid for via paypal

Sure I know that but if the conversation arouse and left the seller scratching his head.

Oh I see what you are saying....I guess it depends where the seller got it from...if he was lucky/unlucky enough to be the person who brought it from the faker 1st hand (in good faith) then he should persue a refund.....and if he also got the item authenticated from Beckett..then they should just repay the fees he paid....but if you look on ebay as we speak...go to Madonna HIGHEST PRICE FIRST...and scroll down..there are many other examples of the fakers work for sale as w speak...I even know the fact that Madonna herself had fake items removed from a big auction house when she viewed the pre published catalogue...all signed items!!!


The Beckett COA could likely be seen as the last word by eBay. The lack of authenticity argument very likely may not work. No offense to you.

But if the dealer has a return privilege it should be easy. Otherwise, I don't know how it will go.

yes that is  a concern

Do you think this is the same guy that faked that Vanity Fair?

I just checked on this transaction in ebay’s “Sold” items.  The buyer allows returns up to 14 days...I’m sure upon receipt of the item.  Black, I would contact ebay right away and let them know you are planning on returning the item, and the seller allows returns up to 14 days.  Then as soon as you get it, I would immediately get it ready to be returned.  Also, of course, contact the seller and let him know.  You shouldn’t have any trouble getting a refund.  

Lps bravo should still have the discussion to the seller of why he believes the Madonna is fake and just see if they have open ears to listen.

If you don't tell the seller why you believe it's not authentic he will pass it onto the next person, that's all I'm.saying.

You’re welcome.  Whether or not Beckett, PSA/DNA, JSA, or Epperson is No. 1, they all make many mistakes.  For Madonna, however, Kamran is No. 1 for sure in my book!  Kamran has been studying Madonna and collecting Madonna autographs for over twenty years I believe.  I highly doubt that Steve Grad has that kind of Madonna expertise.

I should add that for music autographs, of those four TPAs listed above, I would trust Epperson the most...definitely Epperson over Beckett in my mind.

This seller actually has a second Madonna still for sale. Beckett COA. Same forgery style.



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