Signed vinyl & cds available.

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FYI the vinyl comes with a signed insert. It doesn’t mention this in the description, but it’s stated in the order summary.

Thanks for the info. I was on the fence since you rarely get an actual signed LP and you answered that question.

Grabbed 2 thank you

Nice one, ordered a signed CD

I got both vinyl and cd. I don’t mind the signed insert.  Just nice to have these signed. 

More signed CDs and vinyl available. In case anybody missed out the first time.

missed it the first time and was able to get a signed vinyl and Cd so thanks for posting

For sure man. I bought the CD the first time around but now I'm debating if I want to get the vinyl or not. 

I'm not familiar with him other than he's Eddies son but I looked on eBay and two of these Vinyls have sold for between $150- $200 so figured if they have that much value it's a good investment for $32 and shipping

I gave in I got it. After all this is his very first record he's ever putting out. If his music careers anything like his dad's I'm going to be glad that I have this in my collection. 

Damn is that really how much they're going for on eBay? That's crazy!

Yea I said in an earlier post that I'm not familiar with a lot of the stuff coming out these days so usually I check Twitter to see how many followers they have and then eBay to see what their stuff goes for to get an idea of their popularity and if I should collect it lol

Pretty good method.  I normally go to Spotify first to listen to their music to see if I like it. Then I'll go to Instagram check them out on there and lastly I Google what their autograph looks like to see if it's worth it getting. 



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