Bought these a while back and I noticed that the psa coa does not have a code linking auto to coa. Says it's from 09 and looks like it was a lot of items he has authenticated.

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These are good, very nice signatures.
Thanks what do you think they are worth ?
It's hard to say. Something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay. I will say that these two signatures on paper/3x5 cards are not worth nearly as much as a signed photo, ball, bat, jersey, etc. You might want to go onto eBay and look up Mantle and DiMaggio index cards signed in the sold section just to get an idea.
Anyone else know?

Value/worth is dependent on the amount someone is willing to pay for them.

One day they might be "worth" $200.00 and another day they might sell for $100.00.

It's not an exact science.

Not the value I mean the authenticity
I guarantee you that if these were not real, Chris would have said something. They are real.

do these signatures look good to you? 

I was the first to reply at the top and I said they are good.


Those are PSA/DNA Auction LOAs, which are similar to what PSA calls Auction Pre-Certification today. They are not full certification. The only way you to tell if the LOAs were for the autographs you bought would be to go back to the auction's catalog and match it up. 

The autographs do look real, though. Nice examples of both.

Had it framed



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