Here it is folks, moron of the day: eBay seller tc2001 who has this set of Mickey Mantle/Joe DiMaggio forgeries on a CARD listed at $10,500 LMAO

These are common, hideous forgeries. An AUTHENTIC Mantle/DiMaggio duel signed card would probably be in the $300-$600 range. This clown thinks he found the jackpot, and they're FAKE!

Here's another laughable set of a forged Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio card.

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Amazing, what a dreamer

Holy crap!!!

Even the Ebay suckers and wannabe autograph collectors won't bid on that crap.

The scammers are all over Ebay!!!

I offered him $5 and then $10...but my offers got declined...LOL...this clown been trying to sell this card for months

Ebay seller Tc2001 is still trying to sell his ugly Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio forgeries.



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