Came across this piece for $7500.00 Seems pricey!

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Will someone please explain how I can get a Mickey Mantle signed photo PSA for say $300, but people selling Justin Bieber signed photos PSA are expecting to get $500 to $600?  What is wrong with this world?

Here's a forged Mickey Mantle bat that was sold by Ebay seller Gifts4everyone1.

The Buy It Now was $4,999.99, but the Best Offer accepted was $2,000.00.

What a waste of $2,000.00!!!

This is just horrid!!!

What a waste, indeed! The authentic memorabilia I could buy with $2,000.


Proves again how easy it is to sell forgeries on EBay, while Ebay claims Authentication at eBay in general,  and not just this category, is near and dear to our hearts,” she said. “It’s a huge priority for us.” 

We touched on this last year.  Over a year later, they still have this garbage up for sale on eBay.

The good thing, John, is that there isn't anyone stupid enough to pay that amount of money for crap like that.

So many kitchen tables; so little time! it's raining Mantles.

Let's hope not, Chris!

Obvious Greg Marino penned forgeries. Even an inexperienced collector should know that these "don't look right."

From the same Ebay seller Gifts4every1.

Look at this garbage!!!


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