Hey Guys, 

Any opinions on this signed photo?

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Provided they're not stamped,  the autographs look pretty good to me.

The part that bothers me the most is the extended lower portion of the M in Mantle.

Steve, look at this Autograph. Look at the M in Mantle.

Steve, I totally get what you're saying, I sometimes split hairs with an autograph. But if you look at the autograph as a whole, the fluidity, and other things that make it genuine. If that's not authentic, it's definitely one of the better forgeries  I've seen. I still think it's fine. It's funny, you pointed to the mantle, I was looking at the "a" in DiMaggio, that looks like an e and  although I believe wholeheartedly it's authentic, it certainly caught my eye. DiMeggio. Lol. Hopefully, everybody else will chime in.

The e in DiMaggio caught my eye too, but didn’t bother me because I have an in person signed like that.

the signatures are authentic.  As long as live ink.

Absolutely authentic.

I like it too! I would like to get my grubby chubby paws on this one myself. You don't see a ton of those around with the cheesy 1980's plaque that are authentic. I think the cheesy plaque is also a good sign in this case. If it's not a photo copy it's a score.

You can usually take one out easily, as Steve Zarelli's video shows you.


I cant say on the Mantle, but the DiMaggio looks very close to my PSA Authentic one I own. 

Williams looks good too. 



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