Mariah Carey + Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer Lopez signed childrens books- not many

these don't say signed in the cart but in the pre-order section, they say signed copies available. I checked with the store and they said they were signed but they were only getting about 10 of each, I also asked if the con Pollo book was signed by just jimmy, or both him and Jennifer and they weren't sure but assumed it was by both. no guarantees but I ordered one of each just in case. I just put "signed copy" in the comment section and the email they sent said signed copies
  Con Pollo: A Bilingual Playtime Adventure (Hardcover) By Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer Lopez, Andrea Campos (Illustrator)
The Christmas Princess (Hardcover) By Mariah Carey, Fuuji Takashi (Illustrator), Michaela Angela Davis

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I’m a huge Mariah fan so thanks so much for this!

I ordered a Mariah book but it didn’t say signed in the confirmation unfortunately! 

yeah, it didn't say it in my initial email, but they sent one later on confirming the order and saying I would be getting signed copies, I'm not sure about the Mariah ones but they said on the Con Pollo ones, all they were getting was signed copies. it's worth a shot

Thank you - ill let you know how I get on!

So just order a copy and hope it is signed?

After I ordered a couple of signed CD singles from her webstore a couple of years ago and they came unsigned - I don't think i'll bother, but thanks 

if you're talking about Mariah ones I was thinking about the Autopen Christmas Cds and figured there's a possibility it won't turn out good, but figured I'd try with 1

Yes I meant the Mariah Christmas CD's, ah I didn't realise they were autopenned anyway. 

I'm not positive because i missed them, but thought i read that they were autopen

yeah i figured they wouldn't last long after i posted, both sold out now

I can still add them to my cart!

I ordered both of them a few minutes ago...we will see if they arrive signed. 

yeah, their site is kind of confusing and you had to go to the pre-order page to see where it said signed copies were available, and now it changed to sold out on both. if you want you can write them and ask if you are getting signed copies to make sure, and so you can cancel the order if they are not and you want to

Fingers and toes crossed for us! I used your links! 


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