Hi everybody,

I bought this cut sig from a Check. It was sold by Markus Brandes, which makes me sure it's authentic.

But when did she sign it? I found an autograph study on the internet about the development of her autograph which makes me imagine that it might be written 1958 or later. What do you think? Maybe Pauline has more detailed knowledge.

Thanks for taking a look.

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Pauline's study should give a date. That is a very condition challenged item between the fading and the mark through her first name. I hope it was discounted to reflect what it is and what it looks like. I'd not buy or sell something like this. Authentic and attractive do not always travel together IMO.

Eric, you're absolutely right! In fact, it was reduced to reflect its condition. That's the absolute only way I can afford a Monroe. Better than nothing.

Thanks for your look. 

Hey, it''s still a MM! Framed with mats close to but lighter than the ink color might make a bit of pop. The other thing would be to get a vintage still with its own value to frame with it and not some eBay copy-print knockoff.


Gee, that's not a very nice thing to say in that first reply.

Congrats, KaiMi....It's thrilling to acquire one of those "grail pieces"!

Well, it's true - it was discounted and is not a superb example - but it fits Kaimi's need so it's all good. I don't think I hurt Kaimis feelings but if I did that was certainly not my intent.

All is well!

Someone once remarked on this site, when asked how genuine of a seller Markus Brandes is “I’d buy a used car from Markus Brandes.” Nice authentic piece there KaiMi!

I wouldn't. The shipping from Switzerland would kill me!


Thanks, Guys, for your comments.

But still I have no clue from which period the sig is. Pauline seems to haven't seen the post yet. Could anyone write her a message? I'm not befriended with her yet. Thanks a lot for your help!

Done. :)

This is the MM check cut I have - dated June 4, 1961.  The check appears to be different from yours though in style, as this is from her production company.  Just for comparison. 


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