Hi everybody,

I bought this cut sig from a Check. It was sold by Markus Brandes, which makes me sure it's authentic.

But when did she sign it? I found an autograph study on the internet about the development of her autograph which makes me imagine that it might be written 1958 or later. What do you think? Maybe Pauline has more detailed knowledge.

Thanks for taking a look.

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I had a feeling you caught that too, lol. I just found the SOLD listings for them on Heritage and rediscovered what an utter joke they were!!! They flooded the market with them. I think Heritage knew what they were doing and it put a bad taste in my mouth regarding Heritage.

Yeah, I'm a huge Abbott and Costello fan.  I believe the tickets were from a boxing event in Patterson, NJ. .... Lou's hometown (pretty clever, actually).

Lou's signature varied over time...but Bud Abbott was fairly consistent.  Whoever did them couldn't get Bud's flow down very well.  An unsettling thing is that they were all cert'd by the big 3 TPAs.  It's just a theory, but it's plausible that whoever did them spread them out to each of the authenticators for certification.  This so there was less chance of a pattern being picked up by each service since none of the three would have seen the whole batch.

And the forged & secretarial PSA Gleasons! I wrote KK myself and have heard back. They will go over my materials. :)

Hi Eric,

Yes, not so good news about both of BKs cheques, regardless of their source. . . . although the Colonial Trust one COULD be authentic, but I have never seen such a wobbly, slow, plain signature, not one I would purchase. But I would need to spend more time. The first one is a complete no from me. Also mystified why such a late cheque didn't have typed figures. 

Marilyn's signature might have got messy when she was under the weather psychologically, but always those hallmarks were there. KaiMi's is very good.

Hi Pauline :)

Thanks for adding your considerable and valuable opinion.

Kaimi - Happy for you!

BK - 2014 is a lifetime ago regarding certificates. I'm sorry the news wasn't better. The PSA /RR cert doesn't make it real. One could try ACOA but I feel it would be a waste of money. Pauline knows her stuff.

I admit first that I really don't know Monroe very well.   I'm not a fan, although I do realize she's an iconic figure in entertainment culture.

What I find interesting about BK Collector's piece is that you can see what's left of the bank's cancellation marks just touching the first name of the signature.  Doesn't that seem to point toward authenticity?  Those unused Monroe checks that are all over eBay obviously don't have those marks. 

I don't mean to wander away from KaiMi's inquiry, just found the other piece interesting as well.

If one got that far those marks wouldn't be a problem.

This one looks as though is was slowly signed, with a heavy hand. Very unusual and not authentic IMO.

KaiMi, that image is so dark that it's unlikely you'll get an opinion you can rely on from it. Please upload a good photo.

Hope this works out ...

I tried to pull out what I could Steve - such low contrast and fading - there is not much that can be done. 


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