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A definite no from me. Not a terrible attempt by any means - including the inscription - but too neat and the Marilyn is certainly not typical. 

No COA either, it appears that the seller is counting on its provenance, from the Steven T. Reach collection, making up for the absence of a COA.

Problem is, I can't find any reference to any collection of note belonging to Steven T. Reach. Looks too polished to me too, I think we've seen that precisely written Love and Kisses elsewhere as well. I haven't yet rummaged through my files but I'll wager it's identical to "Carlton's" Love and Kisses inscription, which we discussed here previously when discussing the forged MM the guy was holding with gloved hand.

decent example and very neat (almost too neat as pug stated)

it's very rare (I can't find one example) that both "M""s are nearly a perfect match. These are almost carbon copies of each other.

I would lean towards Fake

I would lean that way too. MM wrote her Ms as though a whirlwind was pushing the pen across the letter. These two Ms look far more cautiously created.

Same seller has a Bruce Lee paper

I'm not convinced by this one either:

hopefully Kato see's the Bruce Lee

maybe do a new thread for it

I'd like to know about this one


That thought crossed my mind too.

possibly a "secretarial" but she must have had many different secretaries because they vary so much and some have been sold at auctions as authentic. That's how good they can be. There's really no common factor to determine a MM secretarial and creates big problems.

Here is the closest secretarial I could find to resemble the OP

Both M's nearly the same but still very different. 

Still can't find anything w/ M's almost precisely the same formation.

Also, the OP MM as a whole is in the same hand weight, which is very odd as we all know.

She's a tricky one to determine and derserves severe caution and investigation. I'd love to have one some day. 

So perfect. I can't see how it is done or faked. It's perfection is a problem I guess and I have not seen this before over the last twenty odd years I have been looking at Monroe autos either. Though could have been in a private collection for a long time. 

Not a secretarial, and the M loops though similar, are different. Gosh could it be real? what happened to this item anyone know?



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