Mark david chapman signed , Lennon lp for sale for 1.5 million.

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That's all? :)

Wild. I wouldn't want it, but would love to sell it, haha
In 1998 it sold for 150k and the in 2010 850k.It really is the most extraordinary rock n roll piece.
Interesting piece for sure.

Amazing item. It was just sitting in the flower planter.

You need to be a billionaire to buy this lp.

Funny thing is that it wasn't John's last signature. This is:CLICK HERE

Wow, for sale at 100 thousand pounds in 2010.

That's right. Who sold that, Tracks? I'd much rather have that, even though I understand why the album Lennon signed for Chapman is dramatically more valuable.

The Chapman lp is like a blood diamond!

Supposedly "Moments In Time" with Gary Zimet...

I would love to own either one.

There are questions about this company.  

The 1999 sale of this item sparked litigation.  

In 2003, the owner of the LP claimed he never received his proceeds from the sale.

And, topping all issues, is the company's claim to have found the holy grail of music memorabilia. Not surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be any word of this ever selling.


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