Thoughts on this mark hamill? Thanks

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Looks like there are an unusual amount of stops in a signature that is supposedly naturally signed. Maybe I'm wrong.

Yea see what others say. Usually I'm fine with hamill. But this one wasn't sure on. Wanted him on the killing joke with green pen for a while lol. Was "supposedly" signed at Dallas expo 2017.


You posted in the right place, but I moved your discussion to Star Wars Autographs and Memorabilia, since you'll get quick feedback from the Star Wars authentication Jedi Knights there.

Thanks pal

The times they are a changing. We have seen multiple changes in Hamill's signature, he went from one style in the 1970's to another in the 80's followed by another by the end of the 1990's. The last 20 years of so saw him sign nice signatures that reminded people of his 1990's stuff low key events, but large mass signings result in less attractive and truncated autographs some as short as MHall.

We have seen some horrid messy signatures from his recent signings, obviously due to the hype surrounding his part in the relaunch of another SW Trilogy. Hype means lines, and lines mean rushed signatures, due to time constraints or just plain old weariness after signing thousands of items a day at a show.

This Hamill is actually very nice compared to some sabers we saw in the last few weeks.  

yea, some that I have seen through here and through facebook groups have been very messy! so you would say this one is legit then! any rough valuation on the piece since it is on a Batman The Killing Joke image and not on a Star Wars item? 

Thanks for the help!

Yes, I would say it is real, but there is no difference in value between the Batman and SW stuff in his mind, he charges what he charges.

I know he is scheduled to be at NYCC, but I don't know if he has announced his signing fee yet.

Celebration 2015 he was $125, Celebrtion Europe 2016 he was $175, Dallas 2017 he was $195.



Maybe I will wait and see what his cost is for NYCC and get something signed there. Or send it to someone who will be getting his signature there. I know it's his last signing of the year! Thanks for the help.
It's 250-300



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