Hi all, does anyone of the Marlon Brando autograph experts know if this letter is an authentic? I found this on ebay. I think it's an original letter from MB. But I have no idea of ​​what year the letter is? What is your opinion? Many thanks in advance. This is a great forum by the way.

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I used to own that one as well

For sale?

Is it for sale?

  • No. Already sold i think. 

This is a great discussion.  I enjoy speculating about the personal correspondence of celebrities.  The fact that this letter is likely to have been written by Marlon Brando makes it very interesting.

It tells you a lot that people know nothing on here, Maria was marlons mother in law which was movita's  Mother.Maria was sick at the time and it was her birthday. She was not doing so well 

kats, that might make sense. I didn't know that Maria "Movita" Castaneda's mother is also called Maria. Many thanks.

nice piece!!

With that letter you received did you also get the envelope that came with it? Because when I sold that letter it was in a envelope, I also have another autograph from Marlon, been with the family for over 35 years. I also have pictures of Jack Doyle and movita. They're signed in back of the pictures by Jack Doyle

Yes, I still have the envelope. Were you the previous owner of this autographed letter? How did you get this good piece?

Kats, I love that you're here. A friend, Larry Grobel, interviewed Marlon for Playboy back in 1978. His people said he'd only talk about the Indians—Brando was a hero for them and his efforts still make a difference today—and Larry said OK. If that's all he'd talk about, fine, but odds are he would move onto more personal areas too.

The interview took place on Tetiaroa. Larry was with Brando for 10 days, 16 hours a day, and got one of the most memorable interviews of his life.

I hired Larry in 2005 to write monthly articles for Autograph Collector (later named Autograph) Magazine. He wrote articles, often cover stories, on what went on behind the scenes of the people he interviewed.

Brando was I the first he wrote for us. In the first paragraph, Larry wrote, "I was with Marlon Brando every day for 10 days, 16 hours a day, and not once did I ask him to sign anything." That may not be word for word accurate, but it's close.

I never got so much hate mail. People saying what an idiot he was. Asking how I could hire someone who didn't ask Brando for an autograph? People cancelled their subscriptions.

That's when I realized that autographs are more than a hobby....they're a personality disorder. ;)



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