Greetings-  I'm bumping these images of a photo of Marlon Brando that I recently have been offered.  I have the photo in hand and have some clearer images of it.  It's a reproduction still from the film SAYONARA (1957) signed in blue ballpoint.  I'm thinking this repro. still is from the late 60's possibly.  Eric gave me some feedback that is appreciated and I would definitely welcome anymore.  Thanks!

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Why did you make a new discussion instead of bumping the first one which had exemplars HERE ?

The first name baseline is straight in the OP but rises as it was executed in your posted exemplars which have been left out of this post. Steve C has Brando knowledge - perhaps he will chime in. Perhaps send him a link to the other thread. To me the OP is suspicious.

Sorry, Eric.  You are right, this isn't a bump but new thread (wrong terminology on my part).  I had a member message me saying the other one was confusing with all of the exemplars that I had posted along with this signature in question.  Thanks again for examining this one.

No problem. I think that thread was very well laid out.

Well, I thought so too....but go figure LOL!

That was definitely not signed by Brando in my opinion. 

Thanks, Steve....I appreciate your opinion on this one.  I was hoping this thread might catch your attention since I know you have experience with his writing.

I've been wanting to get a Brando for my collection for years. This one...doesn't look good to me. I'm no expert, but have seen a lot of them.

He's really tough.  There are so many bad ones floating around on eBay and even auction houses.  

I don't usually comment on these boards, but that is an exceptional nice late 1950's early 1960's Marlon Brando signed photo. 

Here's a couple of Brando's I've handled over the years...

Attachments: No photo uploads here


Thanks for commenting here. I'm going to spend more time on this in the next day or so. The signed photo in the original post hit me as not real but I may have been wrong. 

Hi guys,

As the OP, I appreciate the examinations of it that have been shared. 

When I first saw it offered for sale, I had an immediate sense it could be real (something that doesn't happen for me very often these days). It was sent to me on approval by the seller who had had it in their possession for a few decades.  Having it in hand, I could see that the photo had more age on it than I had originally thought and that the blue ballpoint signature is vintage.  I did try to play devil's advocate with it because the "B" in his surname and the final letter looked somewhat different.

I did a little digging and found a couple of verified exemplars that match those letters in the surname pretty well.  The PSA encapsulated example is rushed but real with the "B" variant. It's a cut that came from a larger piece of paper that I have seen. The second image with a variant of the ending of the surname is from a legal document..



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