mysterious punk rock band Max Creeps offers signed options in their shop. Seems like Duff McKagan might be one of their members. Worth a shot maybe…

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I need to sleep on this.. there could be a million people out there who may sign 1 letter the same way.. on a side note, im really starting to dig their song "burn it down" its really growing on me. The guitar riff is simple yet catchy..  but is this some weird form of Stockholm syndrome? Lol since I'm being held hostage by how much money and time I have invested in this now... haha. Ill clear my head and come back to this later. 

Please post more examples when you receive them

I read a little bit about them and it looks like it's Duff, and Kurt Bloch. They had song writing credits on YouTube on one of the songs. Looking at the music video it looks like them too. 

I agree.. but as for the autographs, I cant rest until I'm 100% certain who this is signed by. 

I was on the fence but ended up ordering the green one I posted earlier. As far as I can tell it's limited to a store in Seattle. Both Duff and Kurt are from Seattle. So I have good hopes the signatures will be real (though signed in persona).

The autographs on the product page look different, but it could be they were still 'perfecting'  them. We'll have to see when I have it in hand.
Edit: just noticed it says release 27 May, so I'll have to wait a bit.

Did this ever ship for you? I havent received any notice yet. Im about to email them but figured id ask you as well.. 

I sent them an email about a week ago and they responded quickly. They received the unsigned ones, but are still waiting for the autographed copies.

I dont think I ever saw an unsigned green version for sale. Signed ones are sold out. Thanks for the reply though. I'll let you know if I hear anything different

Maybe they meant the album in other colours, they had a red one unsigned.

In any case I just received a shipping notice. 

Thanks for the update. They finally responded to me as well saying they shipped.. im kinda bummed they stopped updating their fake tour stuff.. wonder if anything is planned for the future.. im a little underwhelmed but honestly still kinda dig the music

My copy has "no answers" written down the side. These are 100% signed by duff & kurt. I opened mine & there's nothing other than the vinyl inside

Thanks for posting another example. Im starting to feel confident PC BS was signed by Duff but I still don't have anything to compare for Kurt. You may be right about this but im still searching for physical proof before deciding for sure

just took these screenshots off their Twitter video



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