One of the most unique autographs are when you met the Celebrity (s) and took a picture with them, then get them to sign it.

Feel free to share you thoughts, suggestions, expierences, photos and brag maybe too etc.



***HINT & SUGGESTION***  use AUTOGRAPH MAGAZINE'S addresses to help add to your collection!

Most of the time a celeb WILL autograph photos of u and the celeb(s) because it shows your a true fan of theirs, plus its quite a rare and an unique signature(s) to have!


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Nascar's Ricky Craven (during the 2000 Season in Phoenix)

Wow nice one of Jim Everett. Loved watching him toss bombs to Flipper Anderson. Still get a kick out of watching him chase Jim Rome around the studio. Was classic.

LOL.  Sad that the first thing I think of about Everett is him going after Rome!

thats awesome! thank you for sharing!

Here is a pic of Geddy Lee from Rush. He sat 4 rows in front of me at a Diamondbacks game. He wouldn't take a pic but got him to personalize an official MLB ball for me. My buddy and I were the only ones that recognized him. Nobody else around us had any clue who he was.

Rick...RIGHT ON!!!! I love Rush. Saw them when they came to Tulsa. ($120 ticket)

Back in '96 during the Coyotes Ignagural season, I was at a pre-season game and saw Alice Cooper walking down the isle. (he was about 3 rows away from me) and during the first intermission I went over to get my ticket signed. I was the first person to do this and then the lines formed a few minutes behind me.....I could not believe I was the first to recognize him....especially in Phoenix.


Is he the tough one to obtain from RUSH?  i know that one of them hates to sign autographs.

Neil Peart is the tough one. He does sign on occassion though. Just kind of a shy guy who doesn't understand peoples fascination with autographs. He stated something in the last Rush documentary that he was the biggest Kieth Moon fans in the world but he never dreamed of impeding into his personal life asking for anything from him.

Jason, I'm jealous of your Britney Spears photo!
Mounted Memories was doing photo ops + autograph at their Chicago show a couple months back.  Neat idea, but the prices were obscene. 

yeah prices for most on-site autographs are crazy.

i heard from a friend of mine he paid $100 for a Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) signed poster and

 that was signed infront of him. lol.

This is VERY common in NASCAR, It's easy to have a photo taken on day and signed the next die to the accessibility of the drivers.  Almost all NASCAR collectors have at least one of these at some point.


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