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this goes to show you psa/dna approves everything. there is no chance in my opinion this thing is real . just wow was my opinion 

I'm an amateur when it comes to Jackson signatures.. in my mind, they are all fake on the secondary market at this point. Im sure there are some real ones out there but he's on my "unobtainable" list so I rarely bother..

That said, I agree with you about PSA and authenticators in general. Ive seen some head scratchers for sure, secretarial signatures they deem real and scribbles that have no business being authenticated, real or not..

However, just a quick glance at this one and the inscription "Kelsey" seems to have some resembling traits. I would think PSA has more information to go by more that any of us. Not always, but most of the time.. could MJ have had a strange night where he inscribes normally but strangely signs the meat of his name? 

I'm in no way saying this is real, but am also confused with this one

I haven't dealt with Michael Jackson Autographs for a long time, but what i see from my point of view is that this example above was signed for me by Michael Jackson!
It's not a nice autograph it's rushed yes, but this inscription is similar poorly written to my Autograph from Michael Jackson at the time.

It has a good chance of being authentic imo

I think it's likely real, just quick and scribbly. 

Could possibly be very rushed but imo I'd air on the side of caution.. Would anyone want a signature that 'might' be genuine.. If i had to say one way I'd say not genuine to be honest.. Has certain qualities but not enough.. Id steer clear

very well stated. spend a little more and not have to question if it’s real or not. go get jsa and beckett too to see what they say. i’d be curious. not worth the risk but to each is own i guess. i wouldn’t buy it because i don’t think it’s good but i’m no michael jackson expert 



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