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Thanks, Ivo. It's not the best looking signature, but for sure it is hard to find an authentic MJ.

It looks like the photo Xavier is holding isn't a signed one. It's one he's hoping MJ will sign. It may be the one in the OP, but he likely had more than one blank photo like that.

Authentic IMO

Thank you, Dan.

I'm interested to know why people think this is authentic? It looks nothing like it...rushed or not ..your money and everyone's entitled to their opinion but I'd at least get it checked by Roger first

Thank you, Phil.

I wonder why a reputable dealer would sacrifice their trustworthiness by selling a fake autograph and also claiming it was collected in-person. I have very little experience but I wouldnt understand why a respected seller would do that.

If anyone saw this on eBay most people would pass on it for people in general, you'd be surprised what people do or don't do..all I'm saying is don't take it as gospel just because it's supposedly come from a certain dealer..get Rogers opinion aswell and if it's good great..but this even like you've said is not a typical mj could be rushed or it could be fake..who knows..just cover all bases..

I hope it is genuine and you get some answers ..

Thank you for your input :)

Many People always want to see that classic Michael Jackson signature. If it looks a little different like this one, you will be suspicious. But if you look closely you can see that there is MJ handwriting.
But it's just my opinion.

Totally agree with you Ivo! It definitely has some main MJ characteristics that make me feel comfortable to say it's authentic. And in addition to that you have the in-person source + the kind of "proof photo" you posted, great observation btw @Ivo.

Thank You Yannick.

The photo is a good sign but not solid proof imo as photos can be altered..we can see this on the homepage of this site..yes ALOT of trouble to go to and it probably is genuine but I wouldn't consider it concrete proof... I'm naturally suspicious anyway...I've been collecting 32 years and seen nearly every trick in the book lol



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