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I agree with you Yannick, I've already had the experience that Roger said it looks fine, but it later turned out it´s not real/authentic.
He is only human and not a robot and you pay him on the way for just one quick opinion, it can help yes but it doesn't mean 100% but that is the same with the other TPA´s.
Adi Petre, you have 3 opinions that say it is authentic, you have to decide what your feeling tells you.

No offence Ivo but Rogers opinion counts for alot...he is only human I agree but he's one of the world's top authenticators when it comes to mj so I'd say he's probably right if anything... I respect all your opinions however as always 

@Ivo Absolutely, especially because he and other TPAs authenticate so many different artists. I also bought an Mj autograph because Roger said 'authentic' and it turned out as a fake. It's litteraly not possible for them to be up-to-date with every forgerystyle. Like you said, these quick opinions can help but i would never decide a purchase or not-purchase just based on their opinion. Imo the best opinions on Mj autographs you get in this forum, way more better than any TPA because people here are specified on Mj and i think thats most important.

I'm sure Roger has more years authenticating mj than all of us put together lol

Of course he has, thats not the discussion. But because Mj is the most forged autograph, it's important to be specialized on Mj to be up-to-date and that's litteraly not possible for these companie. That's why i would never trust their opinion blindly.

I agree with you 100% Yannick. Yes that's true Phil Connor and nobody denies that here, but Roger and the TPAs can also make mistakes like all of us, see our post from above.

My point is though .. if Roger had come.back and said the autograph above is authentic no one would have said anything...he can't win either way can he?

I trust Roger 100% like alot of people...if you and Yannick don't that's your opinion and I respect that

Thank you all for your opinions. It is very hard to decide, but I think I would rather but from Bryan Ulrich if you recommended him and is 100% legit.

I know this is non-related to Michael, but I would appreciate your opinion on my other posts, if you are familiar with any of the signatures. I am a very young collector and would appreciate to hear other opinions before I buy anything.

I am also considering buying a Chadwick Boseman, he is one of my favourites, but then again, I'd like to hear what you think. The photo is posted in my latest discussion. 

Thank you all so much!!!

It still looks fine to me and as has been mentioned TPA's including Roger have made mistakes on MJ several times before. I wouldn't go based solely on what they say as I've seen items over the years where I was told it was not authentic and yet the same TPA's later authenticated the same item

I've messaged Roger so hopefully he can shed some light on this and answer some of your questions regarding the mistakes you say he's made

All TPA's have made mistakes, they are only offering an opinion after all. I base my opinion solely on a signature not on the word of  TPA or reputation of the seller, otherwise you can get burnt too easily

I have to agree. I have yet to see anything like this from Jacksons hand. I would pass regardless of who authenticated it or is selling it.



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