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I would not buy this Michael Jackson. It has some real traits and I think it probably is real, but it looks like a forgery. Would you want an autograph that the TPA called real because it was simply more likely real than not? 

TPAs have their own standards. Good ones like Roger don't call something real that they're not confident is real. I think he made the right decision here. I wouldn't put my stamp of approval on this no matter who the seller was.

Totally on...thanks Steve...Roger knows his stuff especially when it comes to mj and I'll continue to use him 

TPA's have their use, no doubt and can definitely spot the obvious forgeries and for resale are a necessary need to get the best price possible. If a 3rd party gave this the thumbs up most people would say it's unusual but trust the TPA and let it go.

Autographs are a wonderful thing and we all have differing opinions sometimes and unless someone can show video proof of it being signed nobody can say for sure whether it's real or not

I hope you gentlemen don't mind if I throw my two cents in.

I am not knowledgeable with Michael Jackson's autograph, but I do enjoy reading the discussions.

As much as I may not know Michael Jackson's autograph, I do have an "eye" for autographs.

When I first observed that MJ autograph, it looks good on the "surface," but at the same time I do not like it.

Below is a side-by-side of the MJ and Jeter "autograph."  The Jeter is a forgery, but on the "surface" it looks good.  The speed, etc.  Same as the MJ.

Here's what I observe; in the Jeter "autograph," the forger, in order to maintain speed, sacrificed "enunciation."  If the forger had "enunciated (spelled it correctly)" the Jeter, they would have had to slow down and therefore the forged Jeter would have been even more obvious.

Just my observation.

I hope you guys don't mind me chiming in.

A really good point Christopher. I don't know Jeter but it does look like his autograph would be quite tough to forge just like MJ's which is why 98% are fairly easy to spot. As you say, there are some which are less obvious and can fool even the best of us miss and sometimes forgers do miss something obvious or small

I agree...when I saw this it had something of mj but not enough for me to call it authentic...if I saw it on eBay id laugh ..

All opinions on here are important whether people agree or not..that's what it's all's all a learning curve eh lol

I echo Phil's comment.

Also, I agree with Mr. Cyrkin; if it is authentic, why would anyone want it.

There’s a big difference between not saying that a signature is authentic and saying that it isn’t authentic. So, on one hand you have a respected authenticator who’s of the opinion that the signature isn’t authentic, and on the other you have a seller who has appeared on a respected list of trusted sellers for quite some time, and who claims that it was obtained in person. Quite a dilemma.

Well said, respected sellers do occasionally make mistakes just as authenticators do, we're all human after all. 

It makes the field even more fascinating for me that so many of us have differing opinions and without proof the seller will struggle to convince everyone that the signature is the real deal

The seller also has Joaquin Phoenix SPs, which would seemingly require a lot of trust in the seller. Much tougher than a rushed MJ I would think.

Even if it is real , it would be a rushed in person. I wouldn't buy it. I would rather the more typical "cookie cutter" graph. More pleasing to the eye and one Epperson would pass. Better as an investment also.



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