I would like to buy it. Is seems original for me.  It was listed on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MICHAEL-JACKSON-SIGNED-POSTER-/321179708977...

The winner didn't pay for it. The seller want to send me a second offer.

Yesterday I sent it (online) to Rare and Signed.com and they said it looks OK. Once I've bought fake one on ebay, since I'm more careful. I don't trust only in myself. What do you think? Authentic or fake? Thanx for your help!

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Absolutly authentic.

Hey, dont buy this, the same seller sells these similarly signed pictures every month I think. There is also one other ebayer whos MJs are always signed by a black pen and always look the same. Im sure they are not genuine. Use PAAS or Roger if you want to be sure.

I check this seller's sold autographs. I found 2 items. He wrote the description of each item (on eBay): "It was signed outside the Carlton Towers Hotel on the 16th July 1997 in London". MJ signed at the same time. It could be the same pen. Maybe it is original?

I agree with Aleksi, many of these autographs were sold on Ebay and they are completely fake!
Many autographs were available in Spain, so distrust;)

Ok, if it is a fake, so sorry...
But, it is so real! It is a reprint? Or only a good fake?

if is is a fake, I think is a good fake. It's not a reprint. This is antorher one from same seller. It is sold on ebay, but I save my wach list:


Hey, I know these look basically pretty "good" but I doubt their authenticity because the same seller has sold these at least for two years and starting price always 0.99p. Also they are signed similarly with same pen and outside Carlton towers. I dont know maybe they are real but I dont know anyone who has got 100 items signed outside Carlton towers. It would be interesting to know what Mike or Roger think about these. 



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