Hi guys, I would like to have your opinion about this MJ autograph which the owner is not providing me any documentation That confirms it is not fake. Thanks in advance for your time. 

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Hi, For better or worse, I tend to shy away from the fedoras, shoes, etc. Those surfaces and the paint pens used to sign those items make it really hard to say with any confidence whether a particular item is legit or not IMO. At the least, the seller of those items better have one hell of a story to tell to sell me on something like that - better yet, some photographic proof! In most cases, the sum of all parts will lead you to make the right decision on a questionable item. Ask questions, trust your gut. Does the price make sense? Does the story add up? Why hasnt anybody else snatched it up if its a bargain price? Would you be confident/comfortable selling it yourself in the future for the same price or more? All these things are a good “gut check” to run through before you pull the trigger. In addition to doing your homework - that goes without being said. Theres tons of real examples out there to study - on this site alone. Become the expert you KNOW you can always trust! Its just takes a little time and passion :)



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