I post this because of a private exchange I had with another member recently regarding authentic Michael Jackson artwork. I have seen a rash of what I assume to be fakes, since the signature that generally accompanies these "drawings" doesn't fit the mold for what I recognize as authentic MJ.

Anybody else have any thoughts or input? By all accounts, MJ was a good artist, but it's my feeling that he was protective of his talent and didn't generally give away drawings with his autograph (intentionally or otherwise). I would almost bet that authentic artwork would NOT have his typical sig, but I could be wrong here.

Also, the seller I contacted directly who seemed to have an abundance of these items was rude and defensive right off the bat regarding questions of authenticity - a surefire giveaway to a fraud in my book!

For the record, I'm a self-taught MJ enthusiast with a pretty good eye for his authentic signature :)

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Hi CR...got images to share here?

I'll see what I can dig up...

Interesting pieces. I don't know his art, but I think the signatures are more likely good than not. There's not as much small letter detail on Jackson as I'd like, but I don't see this material as much as others so. Comment on Roger Epperson's page and ask him to pipe in.

I don't like the the way the sigs dip in the middle, or the circle above the eye, personally. Also, the excess ink in spots is questionable in my eyes.

The excess ink didn't even register to me, but it should have. The dips in the middle concerned me, and the signatures all seem a little off, but there just wasn't enough wrong to convince me they're bad. I'm still not sure. I'm looking forward to more input.

Absolutely, thanks for your assessment! The seller's demeanor was also a factor into my decision to walk away. I also have a feeling that these pieces and others I've seen are too "dark"

Michael had a very light and loving spirit. I don't get that feeling when I look at these. I realize this is far reaching territory and analysis though :)

I think you're being very smart. You don't want to buy anything unless everything about it adds up. But in all fairness, you don't want to condemn anything in public unless you're really sure, too.

Thanks, that's great advice, Steve. I should be clear that I am expressing opinions only and not truth. Nor am I an expert with any real credentials!

The more copies of a signature a person has of an artist. The more I don't believe it is real.


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