Michael Jackson drawings (Miscell inc. 'Historic portraits' and 'Disney characters')

I'm noticing a sudden influx of MJ signed Michael Jackson drawings coming on to the auction market, which seem to share the common themes of either 'portraits of historical figures'  or 'Disney characters'.

Both of these themes are of course recognised from Michaels' drawings both at a young age and later in life, but it is interesting that so many new drawings are being released on to the market at the same time. 

Here are some current examples:

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 More from this serial UK fraudster apparently based in Stoke on Trent, who is now calling themselves david_unique_collectables on ebay UK. 

This fake MJ signed portrait of Fred Astaire is offered at £19.30 start.  The drawing appears to have been cut from another piece of paper and stuck to the fake 'signed' paper.

Michael Jackson Signed Drawing Portrait

Michael Jackson Signed Drawing Portrait. Condition is "Used". Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class Large Letter.

Signed Drawing by Michael Jacksom with portrait of Fred Astair.
Measures 37cm x 21 cm
Has been previously framed and merged onto card paper to strengthen well framed.

Beautiful artwork. One of a kind .

Posts worldwide. Maybe delays due to epidemic

 Ebay screen captures showing the change of seller name for previous drawings to david_unique_collectables:

(Note the 'Fred Astaire' above is recorded as being sold for £102.)

 The recent UK seller of fake MJ signed drawings appears to be branching out into fake MJ signed framed notes.  This one is for sale from a nearby Nottingham Forest football fan (forestreds4444), starting at £200. (COA not shown).  Large view of note is shown compared with signatures on recent drawings.

signed Framed michael jackson

 signed michael jackson. Beautiful pice for any michael Jackson fan from is history tour wembley Ticket and pass comes with full COA please note postage will be £20 sorry can’t get it to change

'Lets make History' is clearly a copy of this note: 

 Bambi drawing (8 x 11 inches) , selling from Oakland California for  $2k:

Michael Jackson Original Drawing Signed by King of Pop (oakland west) $2,000

For sale this very beautiful Bamby drawing signed by no other than Michael Jackson the King of Pop!

This kind of Drawings are very rare, comes with a LOP (Letter of Provenance SIGNED)

Size is: 8" x 11"      Signed with pencil on the bottom!

Send me a fair offer if you're a serious buyer, today may be your lucky day!!!  Cash or Venmo only, pick up in Oakland.

 UK seller chbow_52 selling a new Mickey Mouse 'rose offering' currently at £127.  This is a new ebay account started on 9th December 2020.

The signature style is the same as those sold by david_unique_collectables (above). 

It seems that this MJ-forger feels that they have a new career!  I'm always puzzled that these folk don't seem to realise that ebay e-records are 'forever'.

Michael Jackson Signed Authentic Drawing

Michael Jackson Signed Authentic Drawing. Condition is "Used". Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class.

This is not a copy and is the original item.
Signed drawing by Michael Jackson. Please message any questions .

sold for £225 on 10 Jan 21.

Are they making identical copies of the same item and selling them on eBay? Or did it not sell the first time?

The Mickey drawing (above) is the same item- I just added the sold price.

The pencil portrait prints (below) are copies of the original fake drawing.  

 Sad to see prints of fake MJ drawings now being offered on ebay com.  This seller in Pennsylvania has 'more than 10 available', at $15.59 each.


The print is in black and white on 8 1/2 x 11" 100 lb paper.    It will look wonderful framed. 

For all who loves Michael and his music.

 Fake drawing on a fake MJ note 'Candy Thanks By' offered at $1500 from North Carolina on ebay com.

This appears to be an attempted copy of a drawing sold previously at Juliens.


Michael's Handwritten Note To His Former Assistant Candy. Signed sketch in black marker, it says CANDY THANKS  By Michael Jackson. 5.5"x 6"

 Another pencil Peter Pan (with ship and Tinkerbell), this from UK seller collectorheaven20, sold for £40 on 29th Jan 21:

Michael Jackson Signed Drawing Authentic

Michael Jackson Signed Drawing Authentic. Condition is "Used". Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class.

This is an original authentic item signed by and drawing by Michael Jackson.



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