Michael Jackson drawings (Miscell inc. 'Historic portraits' and 'Disney characters')

I'm noticing a sudden influx of MJ signed Michael Jackson drawings coming on to the auction market, which seem to share the common themes of either 'portraits of historical figures'  or 'Disney characters'.

Both of these themes are of course recognised from Michaels' drawings both at a young age and later in life, but it is interesting that so many new drawings are being released on to the market at the same time. 

Here are some current examples:


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Any chance they were from Sweden?  Just curious.


When all else fails, bring up Todd Mueller or Autograph Planet.

Has anyone heard from Roger on this? I am surprised he has been so silent. He usually has no problem sharing his opinion.

 Reply by Steve Cyrkin, Community Manager on Thursday


No profanity here please.

If you're going to make all these accusations, how about having the guts to use your real name?

You are required to use it, because you said the other day that you hosted collectors shows, which makes you an industry professional, even though you call yourself a collector in your profile.

Each profile says it:

What kind of member are you? Industry professionals must use their real names and identify themselves as such. (You don't have to pick just one!)

So tell us your real name, and change it in your settings."



What in the world are you talking about?  I have never once stated I hosted anything (collectors shows included)

That IS my real name.

How about a little honesty and a little less fabrications.


You're a liar Steve, or have a real problem with comprehension.  I suggest that you read things twice or three time before you accuse someone of lying.

You'll probably get slapped around less frequently if you said it to someones face (Guts? Ha Ha).  I have never used any name other than my own on any chat site.

You have access to that and my information, but keep lying to your minions here, perhaps they might even believe you.  You want my social security number also.

Do I also need to remind you about Frosts history?  What you've said about him?  Brutal! But true, Ha Ha.

According to you, he has been a liar and a forger for 20 years.  But now he's your buddy. and respected?  Not in the real world.  

Are you a liar?

is epperson selling forgeries?

is frost an established forger/liar according to you?

I think so.

Jeff (once again for the stupid kids here, my real name)

You can call me or say what ever you like or believe Mr. Jeff Ects....  God Bless America and AML.
 I notice people like you get a little brave and think they are important when they are hidden behind a keyboard.. 

Hi Mikey, Forger (according to Cyrkin, of course)

I was a nineteen year old Sergeant in the 82nd Airborne. 

Battalion Soldier of the Month,

Brigade Soldier of the Month.

Runner up, Division Soldier of the Month,

Soldier of the Year in HSB 1/320th.

But I'm really impressed by lying forgers! Ha Ha

Oh, by the way, I won an Emmy award as a Supervising Editor when I was 24, my editors working for me were all around 40 or 50.

I don't need to summon up courage with pudgy little forgers as I hide behind my keyboard.

But you're funny!

Ha Ha.


Still a punk to me sir..  Ha Ha

But I doubt you would say that to my face.

But now you're just being silly and anonymously brave.

So I'm done with you.

You actually disgust me.


Now you are really being funny Jeffects.

Can I please ask you all to just stop it.   Please!


Oh Darn,

Was this deleted?

John Kimball replied to the discussion

Where Kimball made fun of our Soldiers who risk their lives for our freedom?

With his funny cartoon ridiculing American Soldiers?

Darn, It was sooo funny.  Making fun of people who have died for our freedom always hits the old funnybone.


Thank God for our Troops.


 Jeffects has just joined autograph planet.What a surprise. Why not stay there. Oh all they do is attack this website and copy comments. there is no substance over there.

Ha Ha,

Hello again Ian!

So glad you're so interested in me, kind of like Cyrkin asking me about Net 54, which I think I was on about five years ago.

I rarely hang out with Bill Cosby either.  Just to save you some time.

"Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?"

I refuse to answer that, and I didn't kill Nicole Simpson, well, let me rephrase that...

You kids are too funny.

I didn't write this, (Jeffects).  Frost forged it all, but it comes with an Epperson LOA.  Thank God, Mikes is really checking on that now!

Frosty Flying all over the Country for free, by the way.  Such dedication to the truth.

Almost wants us to forget all the bad things Cyrkin and Epperson wrote about him in the past.

You heard the Man himself "goggle it", Compared himself to the Pope, MLK, etc etc.  Yawn.

But put on your seatbelts if you have any PAAS COA's.



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