Michael Jackson drawings (Miscell inc. 'Historic portraits' and 'Disney characters')

I'm noticing a sudden influx of MJ signed Michael Jackson drawings coming on to the auction market, which seem to share the common themes of either 'portraits of historical figures'  or 'Disney characters'.

Both of these themes are of course recognised from Michaels' drawings both at a young age and later in life, but it is interesting that so many new drawings are being released on to the market at the same time. 

Here are some current examples:


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 Parr still trying to sell off the old fakes.  Seller kristenle_87, starts at £10 on ebay uk.

UK postage is an equally laughable £17.  Other 'art' items have UK postage of up to £27.  Must be travelling to the post office by gold-plated limo. 



A painting of canvass by Michael Jackson showing a woman's naked body. Additionally signed in green by Michael Jackson left bottom hand corner. Size: 12x9 inches. Professionally mounted and framed, and supplied with coa.

Hey a lot of these are going into auction with RR with PSA/DNA approved literature, just gotten a color booklet from them. 5k starts. Are you sure they aren’t legit. It’s the Mickey Mouse ones. They were flipped on eBay a few years back. Btw I’m struggling uploading images on here, it’s taken ages, I’ve got the images for the Cobain guitar that’s on another discussion. 

Mickey taken the cheese, smooth criminal. Some nice pieces, also some charcoal ones. They were consigned with Bonhams in London, and RR has them now, one collector in Germany. I spoke to RR on the phone. 

Originally some were purchased from Keith by a collector called Heinz (around 20 of them with Rogers coas from 2011) but they all came from Gordon Keith. Gordon Keith has mainly kept them all, but is now gonna ofload  his entire collection which is approx 1500 with RR over the next 2 years.  I know where all Gordon Keith used to own Steeltown records. He said Michael Jackson drew for him and it’s on a recording from a BBC reporter of an unpublished recording. Gordon Keith is the person that has consigned ALL of these around the world . He still has J5 recordings, clothing. Lots of things. He says in this 2015 recording that he is getting on and he felt cheated by Berry Gordy all those years ago. And him and MJ struck up a deal, but was to be kept quite. I can upload a sound bite to YouTube if anyone wants to hear some of the interview. So they didn’t come from Ireland but actually came from the US. The mystery has been solved.  Years in the making. 

Hi Kelsey,  I'd love to hear some of the interview...Gordon Keith speaking to the BBC about the J5 and his J5 / MJ collection?  That would be really interesting to hear.  Thank you for posting. 

PS Do you mean that G Keith has 1500 MJ drawings - or 1500 items, and includes drawings?  Do you know how many MJ drawings he has that will be put up for sale? 

Kelsey Hamilton is Simon Parr - who was the seller of the Jason Makris forgeries (as well as a lot of other forgeries).  This will be the 7th time I've removed him from the forum for this crap. 

I wanted to hear the recording!   :)  

Oh I'm sure he'll be back - he always comes back.  UNFORTUNATELY. 

Thanks for your investigation:)


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