I just find this letter handwritten and signed by Michael Jackson. 

What do you think real or not ?


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Can you ask the seller to take it out of the sleeve and send images of the front and back? That is very important.

BTW, I think Marcelo is right, that it is in a sleeve. The top left corner of the front photo makes it look like that. Although that could also be caused by a sealer.

There's no way to tell what's going on without imaging it out of the sleeve though.

I will contact the seller and ask him all the necessary questions

The seller confirmed that this is a removable plastic. Good news .

Good. Ask for new pictures including large closeups. 

Marcelo...if it is removable.  I would like to see pics and finalize a deal.

I will ask a additionnal pics .

No news , the seller doesn't reply me for the new pics :/


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