I recently won this item on Julien's Auction and would like to get some opinions on the signature. I believe the signature is genuine, but of course I would like to read some of your opinions. What do you think? This was originally owned by Michael's personal physician, Dr. Steven Hoefflin. Judging from the release date of the newspaper and the signature style, I believe this might have been signed around 1984. 

Thank you all for your help,

Big Saturn Comics 

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Just because is has a big M and is "generally" the same doesn't mean its real.

Are not forgers capable of getting generalities right?

The OP has literally NO DEFINITION of any letter at all - any forger worth a damn could concoct something similar to the OP.

You're all entitled to your opinions of course, but I STRONGLY disagree with you.

The real examples you have posted also look NOTHING like the OP.

Im going on record as saying not authentic. Final word, lol

I would like to thank everyone for posting their opinions on my item. I didn't mean for this to get as much attention as it did. Please let's all respect each other's opinions. This is a forum for learning, not hateful debate. I will be posting shortly why I believe this item is genuine. 

I don't think there was any hate involved? Just differing opinions, my friend.

There is no point to me being on this website if not to chime in when I have an opinion. I would be doing collector's a dis-service not to.

And I know 80's MJ - this is not it. No way, no how.

Completely understand. I do value your opinion very much. 

It’s A-OK for people to have different opinions about things. I think that the autograph in the OP is real, you don’t think it is, Eric doesn’t think it is, Saturn thinks it is real. 

And like Wendy, I don’t trust anything stated by Julien’s. That doesn’t mean that they don’t sell some genuine autographs. They do.

Im not a fan,kind of slowly signed,no flair to it.

Here's a quick comparison I created from the samples I used to come to my opinion:

To comment on the signature looking like it was written slowly. I have a picture of the back side of the signature and it appears to show both heavy and light pressure points just like a regular Michael Jackson signature should have. 

Going off of the date on the newspaper I believe this was signed sometime during the mid-1980's (possibly 1984). Michael burnt his scalp during a Pepsi commercial on January 27, 1984 and Dr. Steven Hoefflin was the doctor that began to reconstruct/treat the scalp area during that same time. I believe this was signed during one of Michael's regular check up on his scalp progress. 

OK, maybe it's just me, but why would someone with close access to Michael have him sign a newspaper of all things? Just seems like his personal Doctor could find something a bit more desirable. 

While I can’t speak on the behave of Dr. Steven Hoefflin, I can only have a theory as to why he had a newspaper signed by Michael. Usually in doctor’s offices there is an area in the waiting room where patients can read either magazines or newspapers. I believe Michael saw that he was on the cover of the newspaper and signed it for the office to have framed. It’s not personalized to Dr. Steven Hoefflin himself. From the auction, Dr. Steven Hoefflin had other Michael signed memorabilia such as newspapers, magazines, photographs, and drawings. 

I feel very strongly that Michael Jackson signed this, Big Saturn.  That is in fact an early-80s Michael Jackson signature style.  Absolutely authentic in my opinion.



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