¡Ola todos !
I need your opinion about this picture signed by MJ .

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The image quality isn't good enough to give a worthwhile opinion on.


Very real!

Real in my opinion as well.
I don't know. Not convinced.
It's a very lazy one, if real. Doesn't have any of the tells I generally look for.

Autograph images that are poor quality are often poor quality for a reason.

You may be right about that. I was thinking that these were images that Marcelo had taken himself rather than they being images from an item he is considering purchasing. And looking again, it looks somewhat slowly drawn to me.
I dont think it is real. In case it is genuine i wouldnt buy it.
Thank you for your opinions .
These are the pictures of an ebay ad, I will ask him to send me the best pics to get a better idea.
More pics
Attachments: No photo uploads here
I agree with JSD. If real (does have some merit), much too lazy and lacks any character to desire purchasing.


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