Editor's Note: On Dec. 14, 2012 Julien's Auctions filed a copyright infringement claim against us claiming that 88 images in this discussion violated their copyright. The images were taken down by our website hosting company for several weeks, while we filed a counterclaim that we were not violating their copyrights and to give them 10 business days to file a lawsuit against us. Their claim was false, so as expected, they did not file a lawsuit against us and the images are back up. Similar false copyright infringement claims were also filed by Todd Mueller Autographs on Dec. 12, 2012 and Iconographs/Nelson Deedle on Dec. 18. We filed counterclaims in each of those cases, too. No lawsuits were filed by them and the images have been restored.

On December 2, Julien's Auctions is selling The Collection of Tompkins and Bush. The collection contains 465 lots of Michael Jackson memorabilia, 287 of them autographed.

Michael Bush and the late Dennis Tompkins were Michael Jackson's costume designers for 25 years, during Jackson's most successful period. They were the consignors of the signed Thriller jacket that Julien's sold for $1,800,000 in June 2011.

The Thriller jacket was signed twice by Michael Jackson, and both look like classic examples of his autograph to me. But almost all of the autographs in the Tompkins and Bush sale are a variation I'm not familiar with. I've only been looking at Jackson's autograph for a few years, though, and we have members here who have collected him for decades, so I'd appreciate your input and exemplars.

If you know Michael Jackson's autograph well, please look at a few images below from the auction and let me know what you think. Even better, browse the auction and upload any similar examples you have: http://www.julienslive.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/77/

Julien's is the world's premier auction house for Michael Jackson memorabilia, so they would know his autograph better than most of us. I'm just surprised I haven't seen this style before.

Thanks for your help.

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Veronica please contact your credit card company, inform them you were sold forgeries, have emailed the company but they are ignoring you emails, you credit card company will refund you the money, forget Juliens they are knows thieves!!

You need to call and email Julien's over and over again, write them, send a certified letter, follow the steps in their terms. Leave facebook messages, leave twitter messages, whatever it takes for you to get a refund.

We just got the take down notice from Julien's Auctions for claims of copyright violations. All of the images they mentioned will probably be down shortly, but we have everything archived.

Their (Julien's) actions speak volumes, Steve.

I agree. In their position, why do they care so much about this sight?  Its amazing actually, that its been that effective. 

Agreed, Chris.

Help me understand, did this come directly from Juliens or from your webhost?

From our service provider. They received a notice from Julien's.

surely if they were in the public domain they are fair game now... what is stop me saying...hey, i copied all the images from the catalogue, want copies??

Steve please let me have a copy of what Juliens sent, Its time to contact the Media with this!!! This is something Darren will regret dearly,,, As he is doing with the fakes he sold to unsuspecting members of the public.

Steve this is nonsense no one but The Estate own the likeness of Michael Jackson!! And this is fair use, i have MJ images on my site, i already won a case against the Estate on those grounds.

Darren can NOT claim copyrights over Michael Jackson images, this is the biggest joke i have ever heard!!Darren needs to be replying to emails from concerned winners of his auction and return their money, instead of covering up his BS!!!!

Hi all,

this has been a big amount to read through, and thankyou so much for all your input.  You are a real resource.

I have had some saying yes maybe, and some saying probably no.  I am so hopeful, but I am vibing with anxiety, probably best to avoid it eh? 

Any stragglers wanna let their views be held on whether the jacket was signed by Bush, or Michael, or just a random hand?  Thanks everyone so far for all your research and your opinions!

Looking through the archives I thought it might be a dangerous era sig, but just with a tight 'L' , if it is Bush who signed it, is it worth anything at all?

And... sorry to ask more questions, but what should I pay for the jacket if we decide the sig is not Michael.

Thanks!!  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Michael-Jackson-Dangerous-Tour-Jacket-Sig...




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