Hello all I'm new here and I posted this in the general discussion area before seeing this MJ specific discussion area.  Can anyone give me an opinion on this autograph? I have been having it for many years. I thought about getting it authenticated, but wanted your opinion before i spent money on authentication. Thanks!

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No good IMO

Thanks for the opinion, I got it back in 1994. Been holding on to it since then....

This style has actually been authenticated by both JSA and PSA.  Reach out to member Randy.  He knows more about this earlier MJ style.  A baseball similar to this with an authentic “Wilt” Autograph on it as well sold for $750 with both authenticated by JSA. The Wilt autograph was very light, but the MJ was stronger and, as I said, both passed JSA.

Don't know for sure if this is authentic, but it might be, and it might pass JSA...or PSA.  Again, check with Randy.  See what he thinks too.

James, thanks for your input!  I appreciate it. I will seek out Randy's opinion also.

Do you know which Randy it is?  I get about 70 of them in my member search  lol.

It’s just “Randy” from North Carolina I believe.

Thanks again!

Here is the Michael Jordan baseball I spoke of.  In this case by Beckett.  On the other side of the ball is an authentic Wilt Chamberlain autograph signed simply “Wilt”.

And here is your ball cap with some differences.

With my rookie eyes, it looks like a big difference between that ball and my cap  :) . I've heard the smaller items like baseballs are harder for athletes to sign? I sent the photo to Beckett for a quick opinion. I'll let you know what they said. I appreciate your help!....

You’re welcome!  And please let me know.  I’d be interested to hear what they think.



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