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I am new to this site and this is my first post!

I recently purchased two Michael Jordan 8x10 photos on an auction site called HiBid.

One photo is authenticated by VS Autographs and the other by ACA (American Collectibles Authentication).  After receiving them I sent them out to JSA to get the reauthenticated.  Unfortunately they both came back non authentic according to JSA.

I've tried contacting both VS and ACA with no success.  Has anyone ever been in contact with them? 

I've spent so much money between the purchases, shipping, and submitting them to JSA.  I feel like something really needs to be done with these situations.  Either VS and ACA need to be shut down or, maybe the auto's real and JSA and PSA need to take more responsibility before claiming an auto is fake.

I don't know, has anyone else been through and this and somehow successfully made their money back?

Any advice of information would be grateful!  




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Hi Eric

I bought them about 4 months ago on the HiBid.com auction site.

I actually contacted the seller after reading all these responses! 

He swears the auto's are real but will accept that I return them for refund...

I'm not sure what to do, I might just try reselling them (although I hate the fact that there is some doubt) but I guess it will be up to the future buyer to decide for themselves... 

Thank you everyone for you help!

If a refund has been offered take it. To sell forged ACA and VSA items is not an acceptable answer - they have failed full authentication from 2 of the 3 services. They are forgeries from known sour sources. And you now know it.

"...I might just try reselling them (although I hate the fact that there is some doubt) but I guess it will be up to the future buyer to decide for themselves..."

How do you know this is not how you got them?

What do you mean by "How do you know this is not how you got them?"

So you are saying that it is 100% sure that they are fakes?  There is absolutely no chance that they can be real?

VS and ACA never have authenticated a real signature?

What I mean is how do you know the previous owner of these forgeries did not learn they were forgeries and decided to sell them like you just suggested and you eventually bought them?

Did you read the links I gave you? These are obvious forgeries. Why don't you want them anymore?

VS and ACA are names to be avoided. Of course your seller will swear up and down they are real. What else would he say? He wants to keep your money.

I hear you Eric, thanks for your input.

It's not that I don't want them anymore, I bought them to resell but I guess it's like they say "when its too good to be true"

I will send them back, best thing to do.

FYI, picked them up on HiBid.com being sold from :


Yes, send them back. That venue is just a collection of other auctions, each of which will have their own Terms etc.

Where do you usually resell?  And how would you handle this situation if you were the seller?

Please show both certificates. They may prove to be very useful. 


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